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1st Handcraft-market


Foundation «Verein Luzerner Handwerker Määrtlüüt» (Association of the Lucerne Handcraft Marketeers)
President: Benno Affolter, advertising and treasurer: Manuela Egger, Actuary: Buchmaier Dolores, Committee: Esther Bazelli and Esther Frei

For the occasion of the 800th anniversary of the city of Lucerne, the hand-craft market was first held on the wine market in 1978. In the years before, a small group of artisans had organized their own Christmas markets and thus laid the foundation for the year-round hand-craft market.

Organized by the Department of Markets of the City Police, the market quickly became a permanent institution and currently has around 50 annual seats. Since then, there is a market every first Saturday of the month from April to December. In December, the craftsmen are also at the wine market on two additional Saturdays, Sundays and the 8th of December.